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Why you should choose VPS to host your Website

Choosing the right hosting for your website is on of the major steps on the way of creating a successful online business. Shared hosing, SSD hosting, Dedicated servers, blah blah blah. When it comes to choosing the right

How to fix Defer Offscreen Images in Pagespeed Insights

Defer offscreen images is one of the most common recommendations. If you’re a Developer, SEO then you might be familiar with pagespeed insights. If you’re new to this Topic, Pagespeed insights is a Metrix developed by Google to

The canonical issue – you need to fix in your website ASAP

Table of Contents What is Canonical issue How it affects ranking of your website How to resolve canonical issue in your website Conclusion What if you were told that the content of your website is duplicate. Copied from

What is NPM and How to use it

If you are a good developer, which you’re you might have read about npm or npm packages etc. In this article, we’ll be talking about npm that is short form of Node.js Package Manager So what is npm