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Best text editor for Web Developers

1) Microsoft VS Code :

visual studio code text editor for web designers

An Open source text editor from Microsoft is the latest text editor with many advanced features for web developers. It supports almost languages including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. Microsoft VS code is available to download here.

2) Brackets :

brackets the best text editor for coding the web

Another open source text editor from Adobe features support for most of the languages. It comes with a bunch of cool features including emmet, minimap etc. You can download the latest version of brackets here : click to download brackets

3) Atom :

A hackable text editor for 21st century, Atom is an open source editor from worldwide community of Developers on GitHub. It is available to download free from

4) Sublime text :

A light weight text editor. It is quite fast while editing. you can download it from this download link.

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