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How to post on Instagram using chrome on PC

Step 1. Login to your instagram account on chrome browser. Step 2. After login, you won’t find any option for posting an image on your screen. Step 3. Press F12 on the keyboard, it would open chrom developer

Best Portfolio themes for wordpress in 2019

Are you a web designer, searching for portfolio themes. Do you want to make your own Portfolio or a Client Project, Here is the list of best portfolio themes for wordpress to work in 2019 Grand Portfolio Adios

Benefits of https over http

What is HTTP? HTTP is a short form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol to access information over the internet. HTTP provides rules for how any information can be exchanged on the Internet. What is HTTPS?

Guidelines to Create Google friendly websites

below are the gidelines to create google friendly websites
Below are the steps to add Https to your website for free Go to and enter your domain name. For example 2. Click Manual verification option from the three options available. Then hit the Manually verify Domain button.

Adding WhatsApp Click to chat in HTML

Ever wonder how to add click to chat functionality on your Webpage, let’s do it : Being a developer, you might think that how you can start a whatsapp chat directly from a webpage. What is the HTML