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How to choose the best hosting for your website

Are you going to start your own website, confused about which hosting should you go for? Don’t worry, here are some of the fine points you should consider while choosing a web hosting. But before that, let’s take a look at some basics.

So What is web hosting ?

Web Hosting or server is simply a place to store your website. To make sure your website is up and working 24/7 the server needs to be active 24/7. If you try to make it on your own, you need to buy a server then install it in a air conditioned room connected to high speed internet. It will cost you very much.

That’s why you just find a hosting provider who already setup the whole infrastructure.

Confused, how to choose the Best hosting

Decide what you Actually need 

Choose web hosting according to your needs

It all depends on what kind of website are you building. Shared hosting is best for single website normally for Portfolio or small companies. If you want to make a Big Portal, you should go for VPS hosting. You should choose what you actually need, not what is best.

  1. Free Hosting: Some companies like offer free hosting . But if you are determined, don’t go for free hosting. If you are a newbie, and just testing, then go for free hosting
  2. SSD Hosting : Gone are the days of hard disks, HDDs are now being replaced by Solid State Drives (SSD) because they are faster. That means you website will load faster on SSD hosting, that will boost your ranking in search results.
  3. Hosting Platform : There are many options available like windows hosting, linux hosting etc. You should choose that one which is easy to use for you. Linux hosting with Cpanel is a good option to choose
  4. Customer Service : Once you have purchased hosting, you will definitely need technical help in setting up your website like Adding SSL, Installing Applications, Database Management etc. You should choose a company with good customer service.

Best Web Hosting providing companies in 2019

These are some companies that provide a good hosting services at reasonable prices.


Inmotion Hosting


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