How to add free ssl to website

Below are the steps to add Https to your website for free

  1. Go to and enter your domain name. For example

2. Click Manual verification option from the three options available. Then hit the Manually verify Domain button.

free ssl

3. Download the 2 verification files by clicking the links that appear as shown below.

free ssl

create a folder “.well-known“. Create another folder named “acme-challenge” inside the “.well-known” folder. Now copy both of the files you just downloaded inside the “acme-challenge” folder. Now upload the “.well-known” folder to the root of your website.

Verify your domain by clicking the links in step 5 as shown above.

Now, click the Download SSL Certificate button .

4. Go to the cpanel of your website, find SSL/TLS Management section. Click add ssl certificate, select the domain you want to add ssl.

5. Now copy the contents Certificate, Private KEY & CA Bundle in the respective sections and proceed.

Congratulations you have successfully added a free SSL Certificate to your website.

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