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Google SEO Tools for Google friendly websites

Below are given a list of google seo tools to analyse the performance of webpages for seo purpose.

  1. Structured data testing tool : A free to use tool by google to check if your webpage contains structured data or not. Click here for Structured data testing tool.
  2. Rich results test : Another tool from Google to test if your page is eligible to appear as rich cards in Google Search or not. Click here for Rich results test for your website.
  3. Pagespeed insights : Google’s tool to analyse the speed & performance of your website. Click here for Pagespeed Insights.
  4. Amp Test : Tool to check if a webpage is a valid amp or not. Click here Amp test.
  5. Mobile friendly test : To check if your webpage is mobile friendly or not click here.
  6. Search Console : To get all the information about how your website appears in google search you can use google search console.  Read full article on Webmasters guide to Google search console

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