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Tips for Web Developers to Code Faster in 2019

Are you a Programmer. Do you spend most of your time coding coding and coding. Here are tips to Code Faster and Better.


Most of the time you are repeating same code in many lines. With multicursor mode you can just add multiple cursors to the lines where you want the code and then write it once. It gets typed wherever you added a cursor.


Most of the Developers have to save and refresh the page again and again. Most of the time you waste your time with Ctrl + S and Ctrl + Z. With Autosave option enabled, you don’t have to save the file again and again. It is saved automatically after a certain delay you set.

Color Picker

Do you still copy the color-codes and paste them in your code. Stop doing that and enable Color Picker in your Text Editor. It will save you a lots of time.


More often, you have to jump to different sections of code, just to copy something or just finding something. It is very time consuming. So, I recommend you to use minimap extension on your Text Editor. It allows you to see a minified view of your whole code, just click on the portion and you are there.


Do you type each and every bit of code manually. Great, you’re really hardworking. But, It’s time to smartwork. By using extensions like Emmet, you can easily type lines of code just by typing a few keys. It would save you a lot of time.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

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There are some keyboard shortcuts that work on every editor. Here are a few of them :
End : Press the End key to go to the end of line in which the cursor is now.
Home : Pressing the Home key will take you to the very begining of the line in which the cursor is now.
Ctrl + End : If you’re stuck somewhere in the middle and want to reach at the end of code, just press Ctrl + End
Ctrl + Home : Similarly, if you want to reach at the very begining of the code, just use the shortcut Ctrl + Home
Shift + End : Want to select some code ? Pressing Shift + End will select the code to the end from where the cursor is now.
Shift + Home : Similarly, Shift + Home will select the code to the begining of line from where the cursor is.

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