How to make website load fast

According to Google’s July Update, Speed will be considered as a major factor in Ranking webpages. There are many tools available online to check your website speed. Pagespeed insights is a similar tool offered by Google to analyse a website performance.

how to increase website speed

On the Basis of our research and Pagespeed suggestions,Below are given several tips to make your website load faster :

# Enable Gzip Compression on server side. Usually its done through .htaccess file .

# Optimize images : optimize images for web. There are many tools available online which compress images without affecting quality. Compressing images reduce the file size of images and hence make website lightweight.

# Minify HTML Css & Js : Minification helps a lot in increasing the webpage speed.

How to minify Javascript and CSS files

# Leverage browser caching : Some resources can be cached in browser for next time use. It’s also done through .htaccess file. If you are using wordpress, you can install plugins for the same.

# Prioritize visible content : It means that the browser should load above the fold content first which appears first on the webpage .Most of the weight of a webpage is due to images. Images should be loaded only when they enter the screen. Doing so will help you improve pagespeed.

how to prioritize visible content

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