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The Definitive Guide to make website load faster

make website load faster

According to Google’s July Update, Speed will be considered as a major factor in Ranking webpages. There are many tools available online to check your website speed. Pagespeed insights is a similar tool offered by Google to analyse a website performance.

So What Makes a Website Load Faster

To understand what makes a website loads faster, we first need to understand how a webpage is loaded. These steps are involved while a webpage loads :

  • Browser sends a request
  • Server recieves the request and processes it
  • Server send response to browser
  • Browser recieves the response from server and shows the result after parsing.

Server Response Time : This is the time the server takes to understand the request and send the required documents.

Content Downloaded : The Browser downloads the resources sent by the server. It may vary according to internet connectivity.

Parsing Time : After downloading, the browser parses the html output (css,js and images also) and displays the final output.

Tips to improve website loading speed

On the Basis of our research and Pagespeed suggestions,Below are given several tips to make your website load faster :

# Enable Gzip Compression on server side. Usually its done through .htaccess file .

# Optimize images : optimize images for web. There are many tools available online which compress images without affecting quality. Compressing images reduce the file size of images and hence make website lightweight.

# Minify HTML Css & Js : Minification helps a lot in increasing the webpage speed.

How to minify Javascript and CSS files

# Leverage browser caching : Some resources can be cached in browser for next time use. It’s also done through .htaccess file. If you are using wordpress, you can install plugins for the same.

# Prioritize visible content : It means that the browser should load above the fold content first which appears first on the webpage .Most of the weight of a webpage is due to images. Images should be loaded only when they enter the screen. Doing so will help you improve pagespeed.

how to prioritize visible content

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