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Fetch & Index your website in Google

You have published a good content, now its time to fetch & index your website pages in google search.

Fetching Vs Indexing : What is the difference 

Fetching a website : Fetching means telling Google that you have added or updated content on your website, Googlebot needs to visit that url and go through the content. So fetching is upto making Google aware of your updated content. When you tell Google about your new content on web, you have to Click fetch as google in search console.When fetching , Google actually reads the content of your website & observes the updates.

Indexing of a website : Indexing is the next step after fetching, Fetching means your content is now ready to be indexed in search results i.e. when someone searches for relevant keywords, your updated website will appear in search results.

Some common terms related to Fetching and indexing

Index Status : This section covers the data of how many pages are indexed in google. It shows a graphical timeline of pages indexed in google.

Blocked resources : This section tell if any post or object is not allowed for googlebot to visit and index.

Remove Urls : Here you can prevent some pages to appear in search results by temporarily removing from search index.

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