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Microsoft acquires Github – A Major U-Turn for Developers

After acquisition of LinkedIn back in 2015, Microsoft acquires Github for $7.5 billion. Microsoft, the Global tech Giant confirms the acquisition of Github inc. Github is World’s largest online Community of Developers with over 84 million repositories hosted and Contributed by 28 Million Developers worldwide. Microsoft has been always  lacking the support of larger  Developer Community, this step can be seen as a Big U-Turn for developers.

What will be the Outcomes of Github Acquisition  ?

  1. Microsoft centric community – Github may turn into a Microsoft-centric Community which means more focus on Microsoft Products. More developers for Microsoft Products. More Professional community like LinkedIn.
  2. Microsoft and Open-Source – Microsoft has always been slightly away from Open-Source. Now, Microsoft got a chance to Build Great Products with Open community of Developers because more open, more ideas, more contributors and finally, more products. Open Source, Ofcource. For Example Visual-Studio Code
  3. Microsoft Boom – Boom – One Major thing Microsoft was missing is Developer’s Support which will be Fulfilled now with the world’s Largest Community of Developers.
  4. High Jump for Microsoft – With this Acquisition, Microsoft may Gain its lost dignity Back in the IT World. Now, Microsoft Edge( Web Browser) & Bing( Search Engine ) may show some rise in the IT Market Share.


Acquisition of Github by Microsoft is a Breakthrough Decision which can led Microsoft to rise up in the market and gain some Greater Market share where it’s low such as in case of Bing and Microsoft Edge. Developers will Get a chance to work on Microsoft led Community, which will definitely be more Professional. Last but not the least, Its a Horrible Idea that will affect the worldwide Developers Community.



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