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View Search traffic in Google Search Console

Now, Its time to monitor search traffic in search console. In this section, you can view datewise data of clicks, impressions and average position in search results. You can also get the details of what keywords user search the most & what suits you best. Let’s Know in details.

Search Analytics in Search console

This section covers the details of Clicks, Impressions & Average Position etc.

Filters in Search Console

You have different filters to apply like search type : web or Mobile, Countries, Time range between two different dates etc.

  1. Queries :  This section applies filters based on queries. Available filters are query containing, query not containing, exact query,  compare queries .
  2. Pages : This section applies filters based on different pages. You can filter pages by filters like url exactly same, url containing, url not containing, compare pages.
  3. Countries : This section provides the details of country-wise queries for your site. You can filter search traffic from a particular country.
  4. Device Type : In this section you can filter queries on the basis of device used to search i.e. Mobile or Desktop. You can also compare traffic from two different devices.
  5. Search Type :  This section filters search queries on the basis of search type i.e. web search, image search, video search etc. You can also compare search traffic on the basis of search type in this section.
  6. Search Appearance : This section filters traffic on the basis of appearance in search. Whether it was simple results, rich cards or Amp Non-rich .
  7. Dates : In this section, you can filter search traffic between two selected dates.

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