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Must have wordpress plugins for your site

WordPress is the most popular CMS, here comes the top must have wordpress plugins for your website.


Jetpack : a must have wordpress plugin

Jetpack is a cool wordpress plugin for those who believe in smart work, by installing and activation jetpack, you can improve site performance, lazy load images, share your posts on your social profiles automatically.

Custom Permalinks

change permalinks with custom permalinks plugin

Permalinks play an important role in the performance of any website. Permalinks are basically the url’s through which a particular page or article is accessed. WordPress provides a greater flexiblity here, we can edit and set the permalinks in a more relvant manner which is good for SEO. With this plugin installed, you can change the permalink entirely and set it to more relevant.

Phoenix Rename media files

rename media files in wordpress

Sometimes, we realize that the file name of an image should be different for some reasons. But you have used that image on some post or page and you don’t want to go through the long process of uploading the same image with different filename .All you need to do is to install the plugin Phoenix rename media files

Yoast Seo

Best seo plugin for wordpress

Yoast seo is one of the best seo plugins available in the wordpress directory. It offers XML Sitemaps, Meta Description tag, Meta Keywords tag. It gives you suggestions for improvements in the content of your post. You can also set the url slug for Google search results. It also offers Schema markup for your website.                                      

                                                                                                                        Availablity : Free and Premium
Function : SEO
Rating : 4.5

Optimus Plugin to optimize images

optimize images using optimus plugin

Optimus is also a great wordpress plugin for optimizing images. Can process jpeg as well as png and gif   files. Bulk optimization feature is also available for your images. Images play a major role in optimizing your website.

                                                                                                                                                                               Availablity : Free and Premium
Function : SEO
Rating : 4.5

Do You Know ?

How to Defer Offscreen Images ?


Autoptimize is one of the most popular wordpress plugin in terms of website performance. It offers many amazing features to optimize your wordpress website.It automatically optimizes your images css and js files. It also offers a cache solution for your website that improves the performance of your website. Some of the problems that it fixes includes Leverage Browser caching, Minify js and css, Remove query strings, inline above the fold css and much more

Image Watermark

image watermark plugin for wordpress

Sometimes you want to add your logo watermark on images that you have uploaded on your website. You can use graphics editing tool like photoshop to watermark images and then upload again to your website, RIGHT !

Or you can simply install this cool plugin called image watermark plugin for wordpress and add your watermark wherever you want.

wp-fastest cache : It generates static html copies of  your wordpress pages and stores them in cache memory. Then, the cached files are served instead of original files. It improves the website performance and loading time.

wp-deferred js : It defers the loading of all the scripts so that the html DOM can load quickly and improves website performance.

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