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Progressive Web Apps – Each Developer should Learn in 2019

What is a Progressive Web App or PWA ?

what are progressive web applications

PWA Stands for Progressive web apps. Its not a new technology or some kind of programming language. Rather, its simply a technique to make websites more interactive and smooth for a great user experience. In other words, you can say that these are the websites which can be installed on your homescreen like native android or ios Apps.

Why You should know about PWA

As you’re reading this article, it is very clear that you’re a web developer, Right ? You might be working on different website projects for your Clients or Your Boss. In both cases, you should have some knowledge about PWA. Because, in case of clients, You can make more money by selling the extra features you get in PWA. Secondly, it add an extra skill in your portfolio, which again takes you making more money.

Features of a Progressive web App

A typical Website should have these features to make it a PWA

features of a progressive web app

Independent of Device : A PWA works fine on each device including mobile, desktop and Tablets. It should be responsive to fit every screen size.

Independent of Network : A Progressive web app don’t go blank when the device is offline. Rather it shows the same app like view, displaying that the device is offline.

Must be served over https : Https is considered a standard of security in web applications. A website can be considered PWA only if it is served over https connection.

Installable – Can be added to Homescreen : When a user visits the website, it should ask to be add the shortcut on homescreen in case of mobile or desktop in case of computer.

features of progressive web apps

Up to Date Content : The content served should be up to date and synced time to time using proper installation of service workers.

Web App Manifest : The website must contain a manifest file that properly define the theme color, background color, app name and icons for various devices.

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What are the platforms to create PWA

Progressive web apps can be created on different platforms and frameworks. Angular and React are the two most popular platforms to make progressive web apps.

angular js framework for progressive web apps
React Js framework for progressive web apps

How to convert wordpress website into a PWA

It’s great to hear that you’re working on a wordpress website. WordPress is a Great CMS with so many Themes, Plugins and Developers Worldwide. In case of Progressive web Apps, there are also plugins for that.

 super pwa wordpress plugin

Use Super PWA wordpress plugin to make your wordpress website a Progressive Web APP.

Here is a list of must have wordpress plugins for your website

All you need to know about PWA Tutorial

Did we Missed Anything ?

Although, we tried our best to explain you the very basic things about Progressive web Apps. Still there may be something else that we missed in this article. If you have something more about progressive web apps, Please let us know in the comment section. Thank You

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