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Monitor Search Appearance in Search Console

Search appearance means how your info is shown to user in search results. A normal search result or some extraordianary look like Rich Cards & Snippets. In this article we are going to learn how can you make your website Google freindly or adding some additional features when your site appears in search results.

Structured Data : It is an additional code that you put in your website so that google can extract data from it and show it in a  new way i.e. Rich Snippets or Rich Cards. Structured data contains additional information like author, date modified, organization name and other details.

To know more about structured data kindly refer to :

Rich Cards & Snippets : These are some advanced features of google search as shown below in the figure. This is done by adding appropriate structured data to your website.

rich cards & snippets

There are different options available for structured data Two of which are most popular : Json-ld & microdata

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