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SSH Commands- A Beginners guide [With Examples]

If you’re here that means you’re a web developer. If you’re a web developer, you might have worked on uploading files to the server using FTP Client softwares or CPanel Filemanager. Have you ever used SSH client like putty to dive deeper in the server

What is SSH?

SSH stands for Secure Shell

A Protocol for remote login to server securely through command line or Terminal.

SSH Connection on windows

We have to install a program called SSH Client to access the server via SSH.

Putty is one of the most popular SSH Client for windows. Download and install Putty to access a server over SSH.

How to make an SSH connections?

After installing Putty, you can use your terminal or built-in command-line in putty. To connect to your server via SSH you need 3 things-

  1. IP Address of server
  2. FTP Credentials
  3. Port (Provided by hosting Provider)

To make your first SSH Connection type in the command line –

ssh root@34.465.876.87

Then it will ask for password, enter the password and you’ll see the welcome message.

How SSH actually works?

There are certain commands for ssh to perform certain actions like creating a directory or removing one etc.

Some basic SSH commands are listed below –

ls [directory] #To view the contents of a directory
rm [directory] #to remove a directory
cd [directory] #to enter another directory
mkdir [directory] #to make a new directory
touch [filename] #to create a file in the new directory.
The list goes on.

ls Command – To show the contents of a directory

ssh command to show content list

Some additional options to use with ls command-
-a display the hidden files and filenames starting with dot.
-l display additional details of files like file size, permissions and date modified.
-s Shows the filesize in blocks.

cd Command – To change current directory

ssh command to change current directory

Touch Command to make new file

ssh command to make new file

mv Command – To Move a file to new location

mv command ssh

mkdir Command – To Make a new Directory

ssh command mkdir

Wget Command – To download a file from internet

wget command in ssh

How to enable ssh as an additional feature in windows 10

In the settings app, go to Manage Additional Features.

Click the Add a Feature button. From the list of available options, select OpenSSH server and click install.

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