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Synchronous and Asynchronous loading

Being a web developer, you might come across different terms you don’t understand like what is synchronous and asynchronous loading. Below is the difference between the two terms:

Synchronous Loading :A synchronous request blocks the client until operation completes. In such case, javascript engine of the browser is blocked.

Asynchronous Loading : An asynchronous request doesn’t block the client i.e. browser is responsive. At that time, user can perform another operations also. In such case, javascript engine of the browser is not blocked.

Which one is better Synchronous or Asynchronous ?

Synchronous loading is a traditional technique in which the screen goes blank untill the process is finished and the browser recieves a response from the server, which results in poor user experience. But in case of Asynchronous loading, the sreen never goes blank because the the browser changes a portion of webpage only, not the whole page. It means that the screen in front of you won’t go blank only a part of that page is reloaded, it results in Good User Experience.

So, Asynchronous loading is preferred over Synchronous loading.

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