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Use Hreflang tag to show different versions of a page

Hreflang tag is a meta tag which tells Search engines about different versions of a page in different languages.

  • Alternate url : If you want to show different versions of a page to users visiting your website from two different locations, you can use alternate url meta tag as :
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />

Hreflang tag was introduced by Google in  2011 end, the it allows you to show search engines how the pages are related to each other. It’s used when you’ve content that’s for a particualr location. The hreflang attribute tells search engines that a user querying in language “A” will want this result instead of a page with same content in language “B”.

If you create a Spanish-language version of your English-language homepage, you would tag it as “Español” by using hreflang="es" so that searchers from a Spanish-speaking country are served that page in Spanish instead of the English version. This can decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate by making sure your target audience lands on the version of your page most appropriate for them.

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