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Webmasters Guide to Google Search Console

This article provides an overview of google search console in the webmaster tools.

What is Google Search console ?

Search console is a tool to monitor the appearance of your website in Google search results.
You can watch how many people saw your website in search results, how many of them visited on your website
To monitor your website performance you should add your website as a property and verify its ownership.Refer to How to verify property in search console .

Some Important terms in Google Search Console

Kewords : Keywords are the phrases that user search in google for example “how to add fb share button, latest updates in seo  etc.”

Impression : Impressions is the total no. of times your website appears in search results when user search for something .

Clicks : Clicks is the no. of times user clicks on your website when it appears in search results.

Position:  It’s the average position of your webpage in search results on a particular keyword.

CTR (Click-through rate) : IT is the no. of  impressions devided by the no. of clicks .

Average Position in Search Results : The average position of your website in google search results.

Sitemap : XML file that tells Google how many pages are there in website and how they are linked to each other. Learn how to create a sitemap.

Let’s Get Started in Google Search console

1. Messages : The Messages tab show important messages from the search console team related to fetching, indexing your website. Error messages if any, are shown here such as a page is not found or validataion errors.

2. Crawl Errors :  This section tells about the crawling of your website and checks whether your server is ok, other stuff like DNS , Robots.txt etc. are all okay.

3. Sitemaps : This section shows the sitemaps submitted by you, verifies that all the url’s mentioned in the sitemap file are available, and shows warning messages if any.

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