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What is NPM and How to use it

If you are a good developer, which you’re you might have read about npm or npm packages etc. In this article, we’ll be talking about npm that is short form of Node.js Package Manager

So what is npm ?

npm is one of the largest software registery like Github, having more than 800,000 code packages. It is used by developers to share software code.

npm is free

Ofcourse, you can download all the public softwares packages by using the CLI. Now CLI stands for Command line Interface. In windows, you call it Command Prompt . Here is how it looks like :

C:\>npm install <package>

npm‘ is not recognized as internal or external command

nodejs and npm

When you try the above method through command prompt, you’ll see the above error. To use npm commands, you need to install node.js on your computer. Once you have downloaded node.js and installed it, you can install npm packages on your computer.

How npm is different from Github

Github and npm are two separate thing. Github is simply a git based version control platform for software projects.

On the other hand, npm is a dependancy manager for the Node js packages which are installed on your system.

NPM does the same work for Node js projects, composer does for php.

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