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The canonical issue – you need to fix in your website ASAP

Table of Contents What is Canonical issue How it affects ranking of your website How to resolve canonical issue in your website Conclusion What if you were told that the content of your website is duplicate. Copied from

Fetch & Index your website in Google

You have published a good content, now its time to fetch & index your website pages in google search. Fetching Vs Indexing : What is the difference  Fetching a website : Fetching means telling Google that you have added

View Search traffic in Google Search Console

Now, Its time to monitor search traffic in search console. In this section, you can view datewise data of clicks, impressions and average position in search results. You can also get the details of what keywords user search

Monitor Search Appearance in Search Console

Search appearance means how your info is shown to user in search results. A normal search result or some extraordianary look like Rich Cards & Snippets. In this article we are going to learn how can you make

Webmasters Guide to Google Search Console

This article provides an overview of google search console in the webmaster tools. What is Google Search console ? Search console is a tool to monitor the appearance of your website in Google search results. You can watch

What is July 2018 Google Speed Update ?

July 2018 Google Speed Update : Page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. The “Speed Update,” is a new pattern of search results for mobile users. It will rank fast loading webpages as compared to

What the Hell Google is ?

Google – as we all know is a popular search engine. But its far bigger than just a search engine. First of all its the worlds most popular search engine, one of the biggest tech giants.Youtube, world’s second