Looking for Free WordPress Themes – Here You Go

While working on wordpress, the most common issue we all face is looking for good looking wordpress themes. There are many websites offering paid themes for wordpress, but most of the times we are looking for free wordpress

Simple Productivity tips for absolute beginners

Does your working speed come down as time passes, especially near weekend ? You spend most of your time on your workplacea and still confused, where the time goes ? then you’re on the right page. Because below

Why you should choose VPS to host your Website

Choosing the right hosting for your website is on of the major steps on the way of creating a successful online business. Shared hosing, SSD hosting, Dedicated servers, blah blah blah. When it comes to choosing the right

How to fix Defer Offscreen Images in Pagespeed Insights

Defer offscreen images is one of the most common recommendations. If you’re a Developer, SEO then you might be familiar with pagespeed insights. If you’re new to this Topic, Pagespeed insights is a Metrix developed by Google to

How to add free ssl to website

Below are the steps to add Https to your website for free Go to https://www.sslforfree.com and enter your domain name. For example itgiggs.in 2. Click Manual verification option from the three options available. Then hit the Manually verify Domain button.

A Beginners Guide to implement Structured Data

What is structured data? Adding Structured data helps Google understand the page better i.e. what is it about, what it means actually etc. It is a standard for giving information about the contents of a web-page. Adding Structured

The Definitive Guide to make website load faster

According to Google’s July Update, Speed will be considered as a major factor in Ranking webpages. There are many tools available online to check your website speed. Pagespeed insights is a similar tool offered by Google to analyse

The canonical issue – you need to fix in your website ASAP

Table of Contents What is Canonical issue How it affects ranking of your website How to resolve canonical issue in your website Conclusion What if you were told that the content of your website is duplicate. Copied from