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With more than 30% of website made on Wordpress, It is the most popular Open-source CMS Worldwide. Initially limited to blogging, Wordpress has emerged as an All-rounder CMS. From One page website to a fully functional E-Commerce website, Wordpress can be used to make any type of website including Portals, Blogs, LMS, and Portfolio. As the Community grows, Wordpress is also growing as a secure Content Management System for Non-Techies.

5 days ago

How to make Custom Widgets in Wordpess

Introduction Widgets are certain components in WordPress which you can drag and place in any widget sidebar. Function to Make…

2 months ago

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Features & Pricing Comparison

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a Service of renting Good quality Infrastructure (Hardware & Software). It Provides Cost-Effective…

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Career in Artificial Intelligence – The Complete Roadmap

What is Artificial intelligence? Before discussing about Artificial Intelligence, we all must know what Intelligence stands for. Intelligence – is…

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Best Online Courses From IITs in Computer Science

IITs are the most reputed Institutions in India for Higher Education in the Field of Engineering & Technical Education.It is…

4 months ago

How to Send Recurring Emails in Gmail Using App Script

Bored of Sending the same Email again and again?Sometimes, we have to send the same email again and again on…

6 months ago

AJAX in WordPress – A Step by Step Guide [With Example]

Introduction to AJAX Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. In simple words, you can interact with the database &…

7 months ago

Tips to Use Command Prompt like a Pro

Unlike Linux, majority of tasks are performed by User Interface in Windows. But still, there are certain tasks that can…

9 months ago

6 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress is the Most Popular CMS on the internet. Infact, this blog you’re reading is built on wordpress. While working…

1 year ago

How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Woocommerce [with Plugins]

With woocommerce, you can easily turn any wordpress website into a fully functional Online Store. You can display your inventory…