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With more than 30% of website made on Wordpress, It is the most popular Open-source CMS Worldwide. Initially limited to blogging, Wordpress has emerged as an All-rounder CMS. From One page website to a fully functional E-Commerce website, Wordpress can be used to make any type of website including Portals, Blogs, LMS, and Portfolio. As the Community grows, Wordpress is also growing as a secure Content Management System for Non-Techies.

7 months ago

AJAX in WordPress – A Step by Step Guide [With Example]

Introduction to AJAX Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. In simple words, you can interact with the database &…

9 months ago

Tips to Use Command Prompt like a Pro

Unlike Linux, majority of tasks are performed by User Interface in Windows. But still, there are certain tasks that can…

10 months ago

6 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress is the Most Popular CMS on the internet. Infact, this blog you’re reading is built on wordpress. While working…

1 year ago

How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Woocommerce [with Plugins]

With woocommerce, you can easily turn any wordpress website into a fully functional Online Store. You can display your inventory…

2 years ago

The Definitive Guide to Use Contact Form 7 [Like a Pro]

Introduction Contact form 7 is simple yet popular WordPress plugin for making contact forms. Many developers take it lightly like…

2 years ago

5 Easy Steps to Setup Woocommerce Website

What is Woocommerce? Woocommerce is an easy to use (free) WordPress plugin for making e-commerce websites. From adding product variants…

2 years ago

9 On-Page SEO Techniques to Learn from Brain Dean

Who is Brian Dean? Brian Dean is known for his expertise in digital marketing, founder of backlinko. He is the…

2 years ago

WordPress Interview Questions to Get Your Dream Job in 2021

No doubt wordpress rules the web, with more than 30% of websites are in wordpress.Below are the top WordPress interview…

2 years ago

9 Pro Level Tricks you can do with htaccess file [Apache Server]

So What is Htaccess? Htaccess is actually a config file for Apache Servers. It is used to control the behavior…