What is Google Amp ?

Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an Open source Project to deliver very fast websites. Designing Google AMP websites is  similar to Simple HTML with some Advantages and Limitations. Lets have a quick look on a Demo.google amp demo

Limitations of AMP

  1.  Internal CSS only : In AMP external and inline css is not allowed. You can use internal css only & a maximum size of 50 Kb is allowed. If it exceeds, it creates validation errors.
  2. No Javascript allowed : While designing amp websites, you can’t use custom javascript or any framework like jquery, reactjs etc. Though there are certain javascript snippets available for different components by default. For example amp-accordion, amp-carousel etc.
  3. HTML tags are restricted : There are some restrictions on html tags in AMP, like img tag is prohibitted, you can use amp-img tag instead. Same for video, audio and other tags.
  4. !important is banned : In AMP, you can’t use !important attribute in css classes.

for more info check ampproject.org


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