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JS libraries that makes you a complete Developer

Github is full of different types of libraries and frameworks for making websites. If you are a beginner, you might be thinking what you need to learn to become a complete web developer.Here are the top javascript libraries, you should learn to get a good job as a web developer.

Swiper Js

The most modern touch js slider, as they call it is a lightweight and awesome slider plugin for making carousels and sliders. It comes with cool features like mouse draggable, pagination, looping and autoplay.

OWL Carousel

owl carousel demo

Owl Carousel is a Very Popular Javascript library . Basically it is used to make beautiful and responsive carousels. Carousels are a major interactive blocks of user interface, when it comes to UI/UX. In Owl Carousel, you can create different types of carousels easily.


How to create pagination table in html

Datatables, as the name suggests is used to show data in tables in paginated format. It is very easy to use and customizable.

Example of Pagination using Datatables Js Library

Step by Step tutorial on how to create pagination table using datatables js library


How to lazyload images using lazysizes library

Lazysizes is another js library each developer can learn about easily. What it does is, it makes the images on the webpage load only when they enter the screen. This way, page speed can be improved to a large extent as images are responsible for most of the page weight.

Step by Step tutorial on how to lazyload images using lazysizes js library

Particle Js

create particles background in js

Particle Js is simiply a javascript library used to create interactive backgrounds that response with mouse movement, user interactions.

To See a live example of particle js click here

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