keyboard shortcuts only for genius people

#1 Keyboard shortcuts for Youtube

We often use youtube through PC. Here is the list of all the Keyboard shortcuts for Youtube on PC

keyboard shortcuts for youtube
  1. Play / Pause video : Spacebar
  2. Up / Down Arrow Keys: Volume Control
  3. Left / Right Arrow Keys: Seek Backward or Forward for 5 seconds.
  4. J key: Seek Backward 10 Seconds
  5. I key: Seek Forward 10 Seconds
  6. 0 – 9 Numeric keys: Seek % of any video. 1 for 10%, 2 for 20% and so on.
  7. , Comma: Seek backward 1 frame.
  8. . Full stop: Seek forward 1 frame.
  9. Shift + , : Decrease playback Speed.
  10. Shift + . : Increase playback Speed.
  11. Shift + n: Next video in the playlist.
  12. Shift + p: Previous video in the playlist.
  13. / backslash: Go to Search Box
  14. K key: Toggle Play/pause
  15. M key: Toggle mute/unmute
  16. F key: Toggle fullscreen mode
  17. T Key: Toggle theatre mode
  18. I key: Toggle mini-player mode.
  19. Esc Key: Exit Fullscreen, Theatre mode.

#2 Use shortcuts in Google Chrome and work like a pro

Google chrome is the most popular browser on the planet. We all use it differently, here are some quick google chrome shortcuts to make it easy. Use these shortcuts and work like a pro

  1. ctrl + U – view the source of the page :
    If you are a developer and want to view the source of the page this shortcut is useful for you.
  2. ctrl +shift+I – Developer mode in Chrome : 
  3.  To view the page in developer mode and access advanced features of google chrome build for developers such as mobile device previews and more.
  4. ctrl+shift+N – Open new Private Window : To open a new private window when you don’t want Chrome to store your data like passwords usernames etc.
  5. ctrl+shift+T: Closed a tab in hurry and want to open it again this shortcut is for you to open the tab you have just closed. Note: It only works in normal window, not in private window.
  6. ctrl+End: Use this when you want to reach the bottom of the page quickly.
  7. ctrl+Home: Use this when you want to reach the Top of the page quickly.
  8. ctrl + T : Open new tab
    To open a new tab, hold Ctrl and press T.
  9. ctrl + W : Close current tab
    Hold Ctrl and press W.
  10. ctrl + shift + T : Reopen the last tab you just closed
    Press Ctrl + Shift, then press T.
  11. ctrl + Tab :  Move to next tab 
    Press Ctrl and press tab.
  12. Shift + Click : Open link in a new window
    Press Shift and click the link, If you want to open a link in a new window,
  13. ctrl + click : Open link in a new tab Press Ctrl and click the link.
  14. ctrl + F : Find in the page
    Press Ctrl and press F.
  15. ctrl + Shift + W  : Close current open window
    Hold Ctrl and Shift and press W.
  16. ctrl + L : Take cursor to url bar
    Press Ctrl and press L to jump my cursor to the search bar.
  17. ctrl + N  : Open new window
    Press Ctrl + N.
  18. alt + Left Arrow : Go back to the previous page
    Press Alt and left arrow key.
  19. alt + Right Arrow : Go to the next page
    Press Alt and left arrow key.
  20. ctrl + [1-8] : Move to a  tab (first eight tabs)
    Hold Ctrl and select the number. For example, if you need to jump to the 6th tab open, Hold Ctrl and press 6.
  21. ctrl + R : Reloads current page
    Hold Ctrl and press R.
  22. ctrl + D : Save current page as a bookmark
    Hold Ctrl and press D.
  23. ctrl + J : Open downloads page
    Hold Ctrl and press J.

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