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LAMP vs LEMP – The Exact Difference is here

  • What is LAMP
  • What is LEMP
  • Side by Side Comparison
  • Conclusion

To know the difference between the LAMP stack and LEMP stack architectures, first, we need to know the basics.

It Starts with a Server – What a Server is?

The Server is basically, a computer that serves some files when requested through the internet.

As You Know, every computer has its Operating System or OS like windows, Linux etc. So the same is with servers, they also have their operating systems. Apart from OS, there is application software also.

What’s inside the Software Bundle?

As we have different software for different tasks, the same is with servers. We have separate software for server, database, programming language, etc. And these applications together make the complete server config bundle called Stack.

Apache and Nginx are both software for servers.

What is LAMP?

what is LAMP stack

LAMP is a bundle of Server Applications with Linux OS , Apache Server Mysql / MariaDB Database and PHP Language.

Lamp Stack for local Development

There are many Softwares available for installing LAMP stack for local development. For example, Xampp, Mamp and wamp etc.

What is LEMP?

What is LEMP Stack

LEMP is also a bundle of Server Applications with Linux OS, eNgine-X(Nginx) Web server, Mysql / MariaDB Database, and PHP/Perl Language.

So basically the difference is the Server Apache and Nginx

LEMP stack for local development

You can use Laragon, which comes with NGINX webserver. However, you can also install NGINX separately.

So, Which One is BETTER

Although Both LAMP and LEMP are equally efficient, we can compare their usability according to your requirements.

Some features of Nginx and Apache

Nginx vs Apache
  • Nginx is Good for Speed and Performance. It uses low memory consumption technology.
  • Nginx is single-threaded, So CPU and Memory usage are not affected by increased load.
  • Nginx is best for static websites. while Apache works best in the case of Dynamic websites.


Both Apache and Nginx are powerful web servers. Their usability depends on your requirements. If you are looking for a fast and lightweight server, you should go for NGINX. If you want more application modules and more features, you can go for Apache. Finally, if you choose Nginx, Go for LEMP otherwise, go for LAMP

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