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WordPress Interview Questions that will make you Standout

wordpress interview

No doubt wordpress rules the web, with more than 30% of websites are in wordpress.Below are the top WordPress interview Questions you should know

General Interview questions for WordPress

Q. What is the difference between and

Ans. is an online publishing platform hosted by wordpress itself, while offers the latest release of wordpress to download. Plus also offers documentation and guides for developers. is considered more secure as it doesn’t allow installation of themes and plugins from unauthorised sources.

Q. How to enable debugging mode in wordpress?

Ans. To enable debug mode in wordpress, we just need to edit the wp-config.php file and make the changes below.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

Q. Tell me the difference between Pages and Posts?

Ans. Both Pages and Posts are meant to Publish content, but with posts, you can assign categories and tags with them. Posts are listed on the blog page or archive pages but pages are not.

Q. What are Permalinks in WordPress?

Ans. Permalink is simply the url to access any post, page or anything else. We can change the permalinks structure in the settings section in the dashboard.

Q. How can you change the database connection manually?

Database connectivity is defined in wp_config.php file in the root directory. There we can change or update the database connection settings.

Q. What is child theme in wordpress?

Ans. Child themes are like any wordpress theme, but it depends on their parent theme. Developer can work on the child theme without affecting the main theme.

Q. Can we migrate a wordpress website to another domain? If yes, How will you do that?

Ans. Yes, we can migrate any wordpress website to a newer address by following the steps –

  1. Create the backup of files from the original server. Also export the database from the database manager like phpmyadmin.
  2. Paste the files to the new server location.
  3. Create a new database and import the backup you took earlier.
  4. connect the database correctly in wp-config.php file.
  5. Replace the site url and home url in the wp_options table with new address.

Q. Tell me some limitations of wordpress?

Ans. Despite, WordPress is a Very Good CMS, it has its own limitations. Some of Them are –

  • PHP Knowledge Required : To make changes in the theme files, the developer should have proper knowledge of PHP.
  • Gets Heavier with Features : WordPress gets heavier as we install new themes and plugins for additional features.

SEO Related Interview questions in wordpress

What SEO Benefits does wordpress offers?

  1. SEO Friendly Permalinks WordPress offers the option to make pretty, seo frienly urls for pages and post which is good for SEO.
  2. Automatic Pinger – WordPress has a built-in pinging system which notifies major indexing websites, when there is a content update.
  3. RSS Feeds – RSS feeds allows to send your content to a feed directory, with a backlink to our website.

Search Engines crawl and index WordPress websites faster than normal websites. How it works?

With automatic pinging feature in wordpress, search engines notifies indexing websites about content updates. Search Engines follow the backlinks from indexing websites and crawl the wordpress website more frequently.

What is AMP? How can you implement it in WordPress?

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. It is a Google initiative to achieve lightning fast webpages with certain practices.

Yes, we can implement AMP in wordpress by installing the Official AMP plugin for wordpress.

Interview questions about WordPress themes

What are the minimum requirements for a WordPress theme to appear in the dashboard?

The index.php and style.css file with are mandatory for any theme to appear in the wordpress dashboard.

Interview questions about WordPress Plugins

What are custom fields in wordpress? How to use them?

Custom fields, as the name suggests, allows us to insert custom dynamic text into the database and use it wherever we want.

We can use the Advanced Custom fields WordPress Plugin to enable custom fields in our wordpress website.

Woocommerce Interview Questions

What is woocommerce? How it works?

Woocommerce is a plugin to add eCommerce features to any wordpress website.

It is available for free, and works eficiently from displaying products to checkout and managing user profiles.

On Activation, we can Add Products, Categories and other details like stock status or sale discounts. There are many payment gateway plugins available for a hassle-free checkout process.

For Now, That’s all what we have. Wish you all the best for Your Interview.

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