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12 months ago

These VPS Offers will make you forget Shared Hosting

The first thing that impacts your is Server where the website is hosted. So, You’re here and that means you…

1 year ago

Tips for Web Developers to Code Faster in 2019

Are you a Programmer. Do you spend most of your time coding coding and coding. Here are tips to Code…

1 year ago

How to Optimize your wordpress website 2020 [Updated]

Are you a blogger using a wordpress website ? You might be facing issues with performance of your website. When…

2 years ago

Remove Query Strings from static resources in WordPress

“Remove Query Strings from static resources” is one of the major suggestions that appear to increase the performance of your…

2 years ago

Use testmysite to check the performance of your website

Testmysite is a free tool from Google to analyse your site on mobile. After the July 2018 speed update, speed…

2 years ago

Google SEO Tools for Google friendly websites

Below are given a list of google seo tools to analyse the performance of webpages for seo purpose. Structured data…