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Shared VS VPS Hosting – The Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting or Simply Hosting is a service which Many Companies offer by allowing you to store your data on their services.

And these Hosting Companies charge you depending upon the quality and amount of resources you Use.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the Name depicts, in shared hosting, all the resources of 1 Powerful Computer (Server) are used by more than one People for different Projects. Some people host website there, while some might use it for other reasons such as cloud storage etc.

Is Shared Hosting Safe?

Yes, there is no safety concerns in shared hosting. You get proper control to the resources you pay for, and no-one else can access it.

The main benefit of shared hosting is Low-Cost. Shared hosting is much affordable as compared to other options.

Ideal for – Shared hosting is Good Choice for Fresh Bloggers, small Business websites, Freelancers.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  1. No Dedicated Resources – In shared hosting, you’re not the complete owner of the resources like Memory, Processing Units etc. as they are distributed among other People who are using the same hosting.
  2. Less Reliable – Though shared hosting fulfill all the needs, but it is less reliable as it is not dedicated for you only.
  3. No Root Access – If You’re an advanced user with knowledge of Server Administration, You may want to install some addon softwares or access your server through SSH. But in shared hosting, you can’t do that as you don’t have the previleges of Root User.

The first thing that impacts your is Server where the website is hosted. So, You’re here and that means you might be looking for a quality web hosting that’s in your budget, Right! So, in this article, we will be sharing some cool offers on VPS hosting from market leaders.

What is VPS Hosting ?

virtual private servers

VPS stands for virtual private server. The whole server is dedicated to your website only and there is nothing like shared hosting where multiple websites are hosted on single server resulting in low performing websites.

#1 Vultr VPS Hosting

high performance vps hosting

Vultr provides cloud SSD hosting in budget-friendly pricing, and it is one of the best SSD cloud VPS hosting provider You can deploy your own Cloud server following these simple steps :

Select Server Location from the list of data centers located worldwide. I personally recommend choosing a location that is closest to your target audience location.

Vultr is like DigitalOcean or Amazon cloud, etc. Vultr offers high-performance instant cloud Servers with SSD drives, and their data first are located in 15 cities in different parts of the world.

So What is the Deal ?

  1. You Signup on vultr by clicking here
  2. You Get $50 Credits in your Account.
  3. To Use that $50, You need to pay $5 through Paypal or Credit Card.
  4. Cool, Now you got $55 Worth Services by Paying Just $5 Only.

Get $50 Credit On Vultr VPS

BONUS: You can get Extra 3$ Credits in Your Account by sharing on your Social Profiles

Get $3 Extra credit on vltr

#2 DigitalOcean VPS Hosting

Digital Ocean Promo Codes

Digital Ocean is one of the leading Hosting providers with a huge global community and knowledge base. Digitalocean offers a wide range of plans for VPS Hosting. You can choose the one that matches your requirements.

Digitalocean Cloud hosting

Click on the link below and you will get $50 in your Account on signup for 30 days. You can also use Promo codes to get more credits in your account.

Get $50 Credit for 30 Days .

Digitalocean Promo Codes

Promo CodeBenefits
CODEANYWHERE$25 FREE Credits for New Users
DO10 / ALLSSD10 / WP10 / DROPLET1010$ Credit for New Users
BITNAMI$10 Off for a New Account
DEPLOY10 / ACTIVATE10 / DONEWS$10 Free Credit When You SignUp
FRANKFURT$10 Credit For SSD Servers
LOWENDBOX / DOPRODUCT15Free $15 Digital Ocean credits

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