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Simple Productivity tips for absolute beginners

Does your working speed come down as time passes, especially near weekend ? You spend most of your time on your workplacea and still confused, where the time goes ? then you’re on the right page. Because below are some highly effective productivity tips for absolute beginners, from experts.

Don’t Multitask

focus on a single task untill it is finished productivity tips

Believe it or not, Multitasking is logically impossible. Most people get confused about multitasking that they can work on 2-3 tasks simultaneously. But actually, it’s not multitasking, it’s called Multi-threading. It’s their ability to switch to a different task while working on other. The focus remains only on what’s on your screen right now.

Take Short Breaks

take short breaks at regular intervals to boost productivity

Ofcourse, your mind is not a CPU. It need breaks at regular intervals to work smoothly. Most people do this same mistake, by not taking breaks at all while working under pressure. You can check it on yourself, you can finish a given task in half time if you take a break before starting it.

Sharpen your Saw Frequently

keep your saw sharp to work faster

You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge, Right . So keep learning new things. Stay tuned with the latest updates in your approach. Learning new things make your work easier.

Work Smarter, not Harder

work smarter not harder to increase productivity

You can’t make it by hard work, do smar work instead. Use shortcuts, when you can. You can keep some code snippets, that you use more often to paste them when required, instead of writing a fresh code each time.

Learn From Mistakes

learn from mistakes to increase productivity

You haven’t enough time to learn by making mistakes again and again. So, learn from your past mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them. Infact, it is recommended to learn from others mistakes also. Coz you don’t have much time.

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