What is Artificial intelligence?

Before discussing about Artificial Intelligence, we all must know what Intelligence stands for.

Intelligence – is basically, the ability of any living being to learn from past experiences.

When Somehow, a Machine is able to learn from experience, we call it Artificially Intelligent. Because it’s not made by God.

How can a Machine Learn from Experience?

The core of AI lies in Algorithms. Now, Algorithms are functions same as we have formulaes in mathematics.

If we feed some data of let suppose images of dogs & cats to a computer program, and train it to classify the images. At a certain stage, the program itself will be able to do it on its own, based on certain features like color, position of eyes & ears etc.

That’s where Machine Learning comes into play. We feed some data, train the Model & later, it does it all on its own.

Some Real world Applications of AI

  • Chatbots
  • Self Driving Cars
  • Computer Vision
  • Software Assistants
  • Wether Predictions

What is Machine Learning

Where to Start Learning AI


  • Basics of Programming
  • How the web/ Internet works.
  • Concept of Cloud Computing
  • Algorithms & Datasets


  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Matrices & Determinants

Data Science

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Probability & Estimation
  • Hypothesis Considerations
  • Monte Carlo Method

Machine Learning

  • Concepts & Inputs
  • Models
  • Trainings & Testing
  • Supervised learning
  • Tools & Libraries.

Best Online Courses in Artificial Intelligence

AI for Everyone – By Deeplearning.ai

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