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Updated 6 months ago

How to make Whatsapp chat link in 2 Minutes

Ever wonder how to add click to chat functionality on your Webpage, let’s do it : Being a developer, you…

Updated 2 years ago

Open Graph Protocol – Share web-page on Facebook

The Open Graph protocol is a set of meta tags. It makes a web-page feature rich on facebook giving it…

Updated 2 weeks ago

32 Keyboard shortcuts only a Genius knows [Updated]

#1 Keyboard shortcuts for Youtube We often use youtube through PC. Here is the list of all the Keyboard shortcuts…

Updated 1 year ago

Get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hi Developers, Amp is a new standard for static websites. Lets start with a basic Example Open any editor i.e….

Updated 2 weeks ago

The Definitive Guide to make website load faster

According to Google’s July Update, Speed will be considered as a major factor in Ranking webpages. There are many tools…

Updated 3 years ago

Webp : A new image format for the Web

All of us are familiar with jpg, jpeg, png, gif etc. These all are famous image formats. But now we…

Updated 3 years ago

What is July 2018 Google Speed Update ?

July 2018 Google Speed Update : Page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. The “Speed Update,” is…

Updated 1 year ago

A Beginners Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

Before talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages, let’s have a look at the facts below – #1 According to a recent…

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