Must have wordpress plugins for your site

WordPress is the most popular CMS, here comes the top must have wordpress plugins for your website. Jetpack Jetpack is a cool wordpress plugin for those who believe in smart work, by installing and activation jetpack, you can

Getting Started on Github : Essential for Developers

What is Github ? Github is an online platform where you can store your code for collaboration. What is repository A repository is simply a folder in which files of one particular project are stored. Concept of branching

Benefits of https over http

What is HTTP? HTTP is a short form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol to access information over the internet. HTTP provides rules for how any information can be exchanged on the Internet. What is HTTPS?

Guidelines to Create Google friendly websites

below are the gidelines to create google friendly websites
Below are the steps to add Https to your website for free Go to and enter your domain name. For example 2. Click Manual verification option from the three options available. Then hit the Manually verify Domain button.

AMP in Bing search results : A Faster Experience

Bing, the search engine from tech giant Microsoft finally adds AMP in Bing search results. Now, users will get the same fast loading web experience on Bing Search results. According to a post on Bing blogs, Amp Viewer

How to convert HTML website into AMP

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to convert html website into amp website. Collect all the resources on a single file : The page may contain external css file links and js links. Follow the