Get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hi Developers, Amp is a new standard for static websites. Lets start with a basic Example Open any editor i.e. notepad, atom , sublime text 3 etc. Enter the following code : Tools for accelerated mobile pages Amp

How to make website load fast

According to Google’s July Update, Speed will be considered as a major factor in Ranking webpages. There are many tools available online to check your website speed. Pagespeed insights is a similar tool offered by Google to analyse

Webp : A new image format for the Web

All of us are familiar with jpg, jpeg, png, gif etc. These all are famous image formats. But now we have a better optimized, compressed format called Webp. In webp, the size of image is reduced considerably but

What is July 2018 Google Speed Update ?

July 2018 Google Speed Update : Page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. The “Speed Update,” is a new pattern of search results for mobile users. It will rank fast loading webpages as compared to

What is Google Amp ?

Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an Open source Project to deliver very fast websites. Designing Google AMP websites is  similar to Simple HTML with some Advantages and Limitations. Lets have a quick look on a Demo. Limitations of

What the Hell Google is ?

Google – as we all know is a popular search engine. But its far bigger than just a search engine. First of all its the worlds most popular search engine, one of the biggest tech giants.Youtube, world’s second